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Enabling technology to help your firm prosper in a digital world...

With some 20 years' experience in the fields of technical innovation and systems integration, Tuxtel has been helping firms engage with the digital future by introducing them to the latest Internet, Telecoms and Office IT technologies.


Whether it's updating the office IT network, enhancing an on-line presence, or enabling employees to telework remotely from home with secure access to office files, calendars, telephones and other resources, you should consider talking to us.


Maybe you've been considering a change for some time now, so why not get in touch and see how easy it could be to take your business to that next level?


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Remote IT Support

Armed with the latest remote control software, our experienced helpdesk technicians resolve those irritating software, hardware and Internet issues that each of us encounter from time to time; all by remotely controlling your desktop screen, and without the need for costly on-site visits. Billed via a flat monthly fee per supported computer, it couldn't be easier.

Office IT Networks

We provide and support multi-user office IT networks with shared access to files, the internet, and other resources. Office and remote users are protected from external threats by a firewall appliance, which, when combined with our on-line backup scheduler ensures maximum up-time, security and continuity for staff and data; no matter where they may be located.

Internet Services

We focus on supplying the essential tools needed to maintain a reliable Internet presence: domain names; web hosting; e-mail accounts; cloud hosting and secure server colocation at our UK-based data centres. We also develop integrated web applications featuring product databases, shopping baskets and card payment services.


Tuxtel provides VoIP telephony services via existing internet connections; and is able to deploy multiple extenstions across many sites, with all extensions managed centrally from a secure on-line portal. Other telecoms-related services include call conferencing, call recording, call archiving, call logging, voicemail, and remote extensions for external staff, regardless of their location.

Software Development

Our software developers write web and cloud-based applications to fulfil all manner of business needs. From simple e-commerce sites to complex financial services applications, our creativity knows no bounds. Combining years of experience with an Agile approach to software development, we plan and coordinate technology projects to run smoothly, within budget, and on time.

Linux Helpdesk

We build and support networks driven by the latest Linux operating systems. Our LinuxHelpDesk specialists design, provision, administer and supply ongoing maintenance for Linux servers and Linux databases; integrating them seamlessly with existing Windows or cloud-based networks to provide the full remit of office IT services, commercial web sites, and other mission critical services.


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